Proud Hunters Proud Yoopers


The Big Buck Ranch Inc is pleased to offer an outstanding book on the Upper Peninsula and its proud hunting tradition. The book is called Proud Hunters Proud Yoopers and you can purchase it on-line for $12.95 plus tax.

This is a book about growing up in the UP where residents are called "Yoopers" and where the lifestyle is like no where else on earth. It is also a book about the proud hunters who live and hunt in the UP and how hunting is a part of their lifestyle and culture.

Proud Hunters Proud Yoopers explores the emotions of being a hunter and how hunters evolve over their lifetimes into land managers and stewards of wildlife, becoming some of our best conservationists.

If you have ever hunted or are interested in hunting, this is a must read book. If you love the UP, this is a book you will enjoy reading as you celebrate life as a Proud Hunter and a Proud Yooper.

The book is an easy-to-read 50 short stories about hunting-related adventures in the wild Upper Peninsula of Michigan written by one of Michigan's most dedicated deer hunters.
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Here is what others have said about Proud Hunters Proud Yoopers:

This is a remarkable book that I really enjoyed reading."  - UP Outdoor Writer Betty Sodders 

"If you are not careful, this book will touch your heart and get into your head," Kenn Filkins, Editor, Sault Evening News.

"In today's un-real world of reality TV, it is refreshing to read about something very real, life in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  Thanks Leon, for giving us flat-landers a view of what it is to be a proud Yooper."   - former CBM Scorer and big buck hunter Mike Jackson.